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It's time to stop holding back. It's time to become your future self. 

Yes, it's finally time to give yourself Permission to Leap.

Have you ever wondered if there was something more? 

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You keep hearing whispers & seeing the hints - maybe it's time to start exploring your vision. You know, that thing inside of you that you can't stop thinking about and, even though it makes no sense, keeps you up at night. The thing that makes your heart sing, your pulse race and yet concurrently paralyzes you. That thing that you could never possibly act upon because it's simply too risky..... Or could you? It's time to give yourself Permission to Leap

Here's what you'll discover inside the book...

Part 1

Prepare for your leap, address the fears, doubts & hesitations holding you back, learn about why you're fighting tens of thousands of years of biology & psychology and what to do about it so it stops paralyzing you!

Part 2

Walk through the 6-step process from the day you commit to the day you land softly on the other side. Turn your inner vision to your outer reality in real time!


Learn actionable tools and resources for you to not only learn about taking your leap... but actually DOING it! I don't want you to talk or think about your leap any longer - I want you to create it!

You Might Be Wondering...

Who is this book for?

This book is for people who are: •done should-ing themself into an existence that doesn't inspire them. •excited at the possibility of finally listening to their soul's calling & creating their vision. •ready to commit to what's next, but unsure how to move forward.

Why should I read it?

'Permission to Leap' will help you to ready yourself & execute on the vision inside you that is begging to see the light of day. Because, let's be honest, the world needs you!

How do you know this process works?

After 20 years of taking leaps, I've found 6 consistent steps & phases present in each leap. From changing my last name at the age of 14, to moving to a foreign country at 20, to starting a business at 24 to writing this book at 34.... this book contains decades of knowledge to help you get off the fence, finally commit to your vision and turn it into reality.

What are my next steps after I'm done reading?

You Truly Have Nothing to Lose

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